Dear Praying Friends,

We appreciate your faithful prayers and support towards the ministry down in Cordoba Argentina. Thank you for your love for the Lord and your love for missions.  We pray that the Lord would continue giving us fruit for our labour.

We are so grateful for the visit of Benjamin and Berenice George. They are a couple from Tucuman who came and spent about a week with us helping with some video projects. They were a great blessing to our family and the church. Lord willing, we plan to do a furlough at the end of this year and 2022. We ask your prayers for these plans.

We had an exciting Sunday in March and were able to present three new members to the church. These are all new believers who were baptized, are being discipled and we have seen the Lord working through them. Please pray for the Life of Debora, Fabrizio and Gonzalo, the three newest members of Nueva Esperanza.

Gonzalo has recently gone through a great trial as his daughter took her life about a month ago. This news hit him and our church family very hard. Please pray that he will continue going forward with the Lord. We were able to attend the funeral and pray with some of his family members. Gonzalo’s prayer is that through this trial some of his family would come to know Christ.

David had the opportunity to go with Pastor Elinai, a fellow missionary from Mexico, to visit a work in Rio Tercero. This town is located about 1 hour and 15 minutes away from the city where we live. Praise the Lord we were able to preach and encourage Pastor Nelson (a national pastor) in that town. He recently went through a difficult time in his church and was grateful for the visit. We ask the Lord to guide us in how we could help him in a greater way.

We were able to celebrate both of our daughters birthdays these months. Zoey turned 3 and Ingrid turned 5. We are grateful we were able to celebrate together as a family!

There are always rumors of closing businesses and churches down but as of now it has not happened. Our prayer is that we could stay open. Please pray that the members will attend faithfully and invite others. Thank you so much for all that you do for missions and the cause of Christ down here in Argentina! God bless you!



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