Dear Praying Friends,

This present year has been full of joys, but also of many trials. Earlier this year, we suffered the loss of our one month old baby, Dominic. This time it was the home-going of David’s Mom. She had gotten extremely sick since March. She had many tests done down in Argentina but the doctors couldn’t find what was wrong. Finally, on June 1, she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. It was in the lymph, liver and had spread to other areas. David’s dad immediately tried to see if treatment could be done at a Natural Cancer Clinic in Mexico. She was there for three weeks doing some intensive treatments and had some good days. They traveled to Illinois to continue some treatment at a house/prophets chamber. This is where she got very sick once again and started going downhill rapidly. David and his two brothers traveled urgently back to the US hoping to see her before she passed. The Lord let us spend almost a week together. She went to be with the Lord on July the 13th. We had a sweet memorial service at our sending church where we were able to livestream the service to family and friends in Mexico and Argentina. We thank the Lord for a godly lady that gave her life for the Lord on the mission field of Argentina. We ask prayers for grace, comfort and the peace of God. We would like to thank once again everyone who has reached out to us doing this tough time. We are grateful for everyone who prayed and ministered to us in special ways. We want to especially thank East Park Baptist Church and the churches in the Central Illinois area who provided meals, helped pick up family from the airport, among many other things. What a blessing!

We praise the Lord that we were able to get Zoey’s American passport completed. We needed to travel by plane to the capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires, to be able to do this paperwork at the American Embassy. The Lord gave us the grace in this trip with the little ones and being able to get this important document for little Zoey.

The details for the rent of the church building and a training ministry are being finalized. We should be able to move into the building for the church in August to start setting up for the start of the church. The brother that is renting the building to us still has to complete some work on the house, but the majority is ready. Our desire is to have some English classes first to be able to connect with some people in the area before we start the church. Also, we plan to canvass and invite every household within a 15 block radius of the building. Please pray for the preparations for the new work. In the near future, an extension of Trinity Baptist Seminary of Atlanta will be opened in Cordoba. This will be a great opportunity to train leaders for the ministry. We will have the privilege of being a part of this ministry. David’s father-in-law, Gary Ellison, has the main Spanish division in La Feria, TX and many satellite schools throughout the US and Latin America. Please pray for the start of this future ministry. Thank you very much for your prayers and partnership! God bless you!


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