Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for your faithful partnership in prayer and support. We are overwhelmed by your kindness to us. We are so grateful for how everyone has been so generous and helping us with the arrival of Baby Ingrid. The Lord has provided many of the things that we needed through you and others. We sincerely thank you. William Carey, missionary to India, said he was willing to go if others would “hold the rope” and assist him as he went. Thank you for holding the ropes for us as we as a team take together the Good News of the Gospel to Argentina.

Winter Travels
We would like to inform you that we have received the awesome news of five new supporting churches and two individual family taking us on for support! God is faithful. With these new partners in our ministry, our percentage level has increased to 73%. We are so excited and thrilled as our departure date gets closer every day. We have been in Alabama and Michigan, two new states these months, also in Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. We also had a special meeting in the Spanish church of Spartanburg. Clothes were donated and a meal was provided to everyone in the community. I had the opportunity to give the gospel and two people were saved by the grace of God. One of them is Carlos, who had been with the Mormon church for several years but was very open to hear the Word of God. He has to come to an understanding of his need for the Savior and trusted in Jesus.

Like many of you, we have enjoyed the snow during these months. We received approximately three inches of snow in South Carolina. We had one meeting that canceled, but thankfully we were able to reschedule it. We thank the Lord for His protection as we travel on the road.

This month we want to feature the city of Catamarca. Its located in Northwestern Argentina surrounded by mountains with a population of 200,000. In some areas of the city the temperatures can drop to -20 (*F) during the winter months, which are in June and July. Catamarca is very prone to earthquakes with the last major one being in 1994.

This city has many sights to see. However, the largest event is a hundred mile pilgrimage on foot to a pagan festival. The people of Argentina are blinded by Satan and come to worship the Virgin of the Valley every year. These people need to hear about the Lord Jesus. Please pray with us for a gospel witness in this city.

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